Additives can improve engine performance and operation and extend engine life. Additives not only improve fuel purity, which leads to lower emissions and contributes to a better environment, but they also improve combustion efficiency, which reduces engine wear. The special formulation of additives improves lubrication of the injection system, which in turn increases engine life and minimises the risk of component wear.

The additives also effectively prevent the formation of deposits and corrosion in the fuel system, which contributes to optimum engine performance.

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MAINTAIN FRICOFIN LL, 1L  FUCHS antifreeze concentrate
Premium performance antifreeze concentrate based on monoethylene glycol
Code: 10821041
Availability: In stock (1 pcs) Delivery Date: 16.07.2024
198,44 Kč incl. VAT
MAINTAIN WINTERFIT, 1L  FUCHS diesel fuel additive
Premium performance diesel and fuel oil additive to prevent paraffin deposition and filter clogging at low temperatures
Code: 10820064
Availability: On request Delivery Date: On Demand
277,09 Kč incl. VAT
MAINTAIN DIESEL EFFECT, 1L  FUCHS diesel fuel additive
additive to diesel fuel to improve the properties of the fuel during individual and continuous use
Code: 10820795
Availability: On request Delivery Date: On Demand
540,87 Kč incl. VAT