Diesel additives

Diesel additives are chemicals added to fuel to improve its performance and protect the engine from negative effects. These substances are designed to improve the properties of diesel fuel and provide several benefits in engine operation. The main functions of diesel fuel additives include: cleaning and protecting the engine, improving combustion, protecting against corrosion and wear, improving lubrication, and stabilizing the fuel during long-term storage.

Overall, diesel fuel additives contribute to improved performance, engine protection and reduction of the negative effects of vehicle operation. It is important to select additives that are compatible with your vehicle and meet the manufacturer's requirements and specifications.

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Diesel additives
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MAINTAIN WINTERFIT, 1L  FUCHS diesel fuel additive
Premium performance diesel and fuel oil additive to prevent paraffin deposition and filter clogging at low temperatures
Code: 10820064
Availability: On request Delivery Date: On Demand
277,09 Kč incl. VAT
MAINTAIN DIESEL EFFECT, 1L  FUCHS diesel fuel additive
additive to diesel fuel to improve the properties of the fuel during individual and continuous use
Code: 10820795
Availability: On request Delivery Date: On Demand
540,87 Kč incl. VAT